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White: We hate to love it.

So I've been looking for a good white shirt for years. Seriously. When summer rolls around, you start to get a little tan, and a white shirt is just necessary for showing that tan off, right??

The problem that I've run into for so long is that white is not forgiving and often see through when it comes to fabrics. So finding a good white shirt, that is thick enough and a trendy style is hard to come by. I'm rounding them up today, just for you! If you try one, be sure to come back and let us know your true review in the comments!

Below are links to the the six I chose and why....

This one is giving mom-next-door, casual, new BFF vibes to me. There are so many options for a blouse with a shirt tail.

French dot and eyelet are trending this spring! You didn't hear it first here, but I'm here for it!

Love the french-dot design in the sleeves! Looks comfy to tuck in or wear out.

This option feels classic. Like dressy enough to dress up with the playful sleeves, but simple enough not to feel too fancy for a casual event.

Eyelet is so in this spring, and I love a fancy sleeve! This is a must try. Would be super cute with jean shorts or paired even paired with colored denim!

I've always been pretty obsessed with this neckline. It's feminine and flattering and pairs great with lots of bottom options!


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