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Spring Shoe Round Up: Mama Edition

With the new season comes new trends, right? Well typically. But some old faithfuls that we know and love are here to stay, at least through 2023! 🙌🏻

I've loved shoes since before I could walk, but as I'm getting older, I've realized the importance of a solid shoe that can be worn for many occasions. This round up is just that! IMO, you wouldn't need all 3 braided sandals, BUT the heels are perfect with a dress for church, whereas the white sole looks superrr comfy and inviting. So maybe you should just get all 3? 🤭

The bottom row has some of my favorite classic! These are perfect for strolling around the zoo, chasing babies at the park, and even a casual date night. Can't go wrong with white sneaks, classic Adidas, or Tory Burch DUPES (because why spend $220, when you could spend $22?)

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