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I really try to love Target fashion...

I really want to love all things Target. I see sooo many cute try-ons from there, and I know there's got to be a Target secret they're not sharing with me. I just typically can't get into it. But I ventured out and tried again, because dadgum, I really want to love it!

So I went and tried on a few pieces that caught my Normal Mama eye.

A New Day™ Dress

This one is really good! I love the color and fit.The material is really nice too. I could have used some shapewear #honest. But it is a really good option for spring. It comes in 8 colors and is totally worth the $15!

Knox Rose Top + Universal Thread™ Jorts

The thing I love most about this top is how feminine it is, without being overly low cut. I'm in a medium here. I am 5'2". With most v-neck blouses, I feel the need to wear something under it or tie the strings to close it. But that's not necessary for this short gal in this top. Available in 4 cute colors and on sale for $22.40 online!!

A New Day™ Cropped T-shirt + Black Jorts

A little out of my comfort zone here with BLACK jorts, but I've seen lots of influencers jumping on the black bottoms train, so I thought I'd try them. I must confess, I don't them! And this cropped T is where it's at! Seriously so soft, comfy, and not uncomfortably high for this normal mama.

That's the round-up for now! Thanks for reading! Comment below to let me know which is your favorite and what you'd like to see more of!


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