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Good Friday

For the believer, this day holds the weight of the world, literally. Jesus died.

For the nonbeliever, this day holds the weight of the world, as well. Even if they don’t realize it, the facts remain true.

Three things of significance happened here.

The veil was torn literally and figuratively. Exodus 26 paints a beautiful picture of the erection of the first tabernacle. All of the specifications and details- not one thing left out. The purpose of this space and the temple later on, is that God would have a dwelling place on earth. The Most Holy place, where the Mercy Seat and the ark of the covenant resided was a place that only the High Priest was able to enter into. And even then, they tied a rope around his waist to drag him out if he died in there. And God tore it from top to bottom. He welcomes us in. Do you have chills yet? I’m weepy today.

Jesus, who had already suffered for the sins of ALL humanity, breathed His last. He had already been setting the scene for His followers and disciples, but I’d imagine there was a collective holding of breathes because they trusted that this man would be the king to come to save them and then He died. I can’t wait for Sunday. Didn’t He say He would rise again?

Immediately, the centurion proclaimed Jesus as LORD. The commander of an army, who had probably ordered/done most of the torturing of Jesus’ earthly body boldly proclaimed what we already knew.

Jesus changes everything.


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