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Episode 4 Show Notes

Today, I am chatting with Hannah Russell. Hannah is a Christ follower, creative, entrepreneur, podcast host, and aspiring author and speaker. She’s a wife to Jason and mom of three. A south Georgia native, currently in the Nashville, TN suburbs, Hannah and her chef-husband own a business together and are opening a new concept this summer. She shares a passion for the gospel and shining the light of Jesus through all her projects. 


Hannah and I chatted all about how the Lord has given her and her husband opportunities to share the gospel in unlikely times and places. How He led them from place to place, and how sanctifying the process has been. How they juggle work with each other and their little ones. How one door led to another door and then another one. And most importantly, how God carried them through tough times, and proved faithful. Hannah is a precious soul, and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to sit down with her to pick her brain about all things entrepreneurship, motherhood, and seeking God in the next steps. 



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Noteworthy Tips:

  1. Teach your kids true scripture. Don’t water it down for them. Let them witness you wrestling with truths from the Old Testament. Encourage them to ask you questions, and give them real answers.

  2. Don’t buy into the exhausted mom culture. In the age of TikTok, it seems like more and more, moms are encouraging the glass of wine (and whine) every night. Motherhood is a responsibility and a gift. Don’t squander it.

  3. Worship doesn’t have to be just raising your hands on Sunday mornings. Worship is the act of praising God for what He’s done. You can do that wherever you are. Hannah’s favorite times are when taking walks outside. 

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Hannah Russell. She brings a wealth of knowledge on entrepreneurship, along with the practicality of motherhood and priorities.

I’m also thankful for you. For you sharing 40 minutes of your day with me. For choosing to press play. I’ll never be able to express enough gratitude for this space that God has blessed me with. If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to the podcast, send it to a friend, and leave a review. But even if one person listens and the gospel is spread, God gets the glory for this. Have a great day, friend!



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