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Episode 5 Show Notes

Today, I am chatting with Marenda Benson. Marenda is a wife, mama of 3 under 4, an SLP, and a makeup artist. Through each of those roles, she finds opportunities to disciple and lead those around her for God’s glory. I hope you enjoy our conversation as we dive into God’s purpose and how He gives us opportunities to shine for HIm.  


Marenda and I chatted all about motherhood - the juggles and struggles that can come with that. I also asked about her rhythms of time blocking and what that looks like practically for her family. She shared some great insight about juggling her passions, while also doing well in work and motherhood. And of course, she pointed me right back to the cross and how God gets the glory for the positions of leadership that He entrusts us with. 


Marenda says, “There was a time in my life that I was without purpose and anxious. I was a happy person but something was missing. Then I met Jesus and put my trust in HIm. He filled me with joy and gave me direction. Now I am filled with joy to first serve Him and overflow with serving and loving others. I know He holds my future and His plan is always greater than my dreams.”




Called to Lead by Heather Burge

Let’s be Cleere

The Commonplace

Lead Her Ship






Noteworthy Tips:

  1. Time blocking allows you to be proactive about carving out the time for priorities. Stop the scrolling.

  2. Follow the Lord’s calling to lead. It’s a good thing for women in the church to take roles that allow them to lead other women. If that’s your calling, follow it.


I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Marenda Benson. She brings a wealth of knowledge on using your gifts and talents to please the Lord, along with time-blocking and discipleship. I’m also thankful for you. For you sharing 40 minutes of your day with me. For choosing to press play. I’ll never be able to express enough gratitude for this space that God has blessed me with. If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to the podcast, send it to a friend, and leave a review. But even if one person listens and the gospel is spread, God gets the glory for this. Have a great day, friend!




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